Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Dave's CAR!!

Dave has a car now which he can't legally drive! But until that day when he becomes the new taxi service for many of his friends, lets get down to more important busynessies.


Yeah Dave was meant to do this but I decided to go ahead and do it anyway.

okay, only limitations, it has to be a girls name and i has to begin with a G because that s the first number of the reg plate.

Donate suggestions!

Monday, April 25, 2005

If I had a perfect day.....

....I would have it start this way....

Forstly, today is my bithday...finally I reach the age where I can more-or-less cause destruction in an insured vehicle and become mobile, as I turned 17 at 5am this morning...

However, the lovely SUPERWENCH decided to write a poem in response to Josh's list, requiring little introduction....

So, on that wish list of daves top pressies was a poem about him and his achievments. Since i cannot deliver the destruction of france (though i will gladly join any who wish to undertake that task), i have come uo wit the following poem. Enjoy!! (happy birthday dave)
Dave is great.
Long Live Dave.
He has introduced meglamaniacy into our lives,and would probably J.W.S.H.S (juggle With Some Hazardous Stuff-KNIVES!
theres bramble jazz edwardo and piereand he also have colour changing hairwhile resembling a 12yrold pimp in a certain hathe could be in an evil genius with a monacle and catwith jackets to burn and phallas shaped towers to...also...well...burnit is from dave we all can learn.
so happy birthday dave, and hav a great day,and just remeember....ARSE!!!!!

Thank you superwench, whoever you may be!! (I know who you are however :P) and no, in answer to the various cynics, unbelievers and naysayers I DID NOT write this poem (my ego isn't that big, nor is it trying to compromise for my vertically challenged nature)
Anyway onto the presents...

Special mention to Jonny and Lauren who gave me probably the most original present, 48 paper gliders and a 1970's harmonica!! However, also many thanks to everyone who chipped in to replace my jacket, it's era has offically ended after being complimented on the hansom man I look (which is a LIE dammit!!) in my new, non-holy jacket. Also, Kim...who somehow knew my second weakness was chocolate (Damn...shouldn't have said that!!)

However even better, is the sudden appearance of my own Pimpmobile!! A limited edition 1989 Mini Cooper which kicks ass!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who turned up on Friday to the parté, and especially those who got me something ;)

As I sign off to try and get rid of a damn illness that suddenly crept on me before the college party tmr night I say...
"Knock the wheels off my bandwagon at your own risk!!"

Birthday ECPA Dai

Thursday, April 21, 2005

What a beautiful disaster....

Good afternoon/evening worldly people!!

Just before I have to go out and get destroyed on the rugby pitch for a second consecutive night (hopefully I won’t get injured this time…at least not on the surface…huzzah for ligamential damage, it’s invisible, but really REALLY painful) and afterwards, an evening with revision to do, Introducing the Hall of Pain…Chemistry, Physics and (here comes the traitorous part...) French.

Also of note, probably in some random lapse of non-concentration, JOSHH has worked out that this ‘blog is accessible via the college, and Alyce has shown it’s on WAP too ^_^

The Influence spreads, and in answer to Josh’s entry about birthday presents for myself, it is mostly true, but he forget the most unspeakably powerful and amazing thing that I require…

(DRAMATIC breathing allowed)

It’s a loudspeaker. Reason? I detest my neighbours, seeing as though they accused me…ME…an upstanding megalomaniac of society fired (deliberately) a firework through their window a couple of new years ago!! So that’s how we stand…ha!!!

In closing… “All I need is fame, fortune, and access to the depths of sleaze those two things bring”

Hwyl, Adios and FOD…

Mr. Evil Crazy Party Adjective (Long honour list...)
Dave (Anticlimax)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

For the man who wants everything...

Dave's ideal present list;
  • World peace (easier to take over that way)
  • Absinth (his liver has been naughty)
  • Destruction of France (and especially that giant phallus, pathetic excuse for a 'tower')
  • Girls, girls, girls (everyone wants these)
  • The 'DAVE' religion to be spread worldwide
  • More Girls
  • A block of cheese
  • A poem about him and his achievements
  • A mention on 'Weebl and Bob'

Any of these will do, if you can't, we WILL find you.

"Women are not people; they are devises built by the Lord Jesus Christ for our entertainment."

Monday, April 18, 2005

Furthermore...this is a rant....

Chavs, (even though I do know some chav mates, who I do like, this goes out to some of them)

Upon sitting in the bus station, attempting to write more lyrics for our lastest song, Sweet Inspiration, I happened to see a huge-major-f**k-off group of em, swaggering around, arms weighted down by bling and cheap lager...

When suddenly, there was a chav couple, with a baby in a pushchair. Having come from the deepest areas of Wales, I thought I'd seen everything, but not the use of a pushchair with child as a battering ram to attack his 14 year old wife/girlfriend* (delete as applicable)

Burberry...those who wear it should have it tattooed to their skin for a while to see how horrible it is....

Remember, this isn't a generalisation, just a NO MORE LETTERBOMBS!!


Sunday, April 17, 2005

Look at me ma! No hands! No feet! ARG No face!!

Yeah, im just playing with this site, investigating possibilitees etc

hello friends, romans and pidgeons

I am J.O.S.H.H. or josh is accepted as an acceptably acceptable acceptant... name. Yeah.

Friend and co-chaos creator of Dai (Dave if your not wierd and/or welsh ha!)

I rarely have anything interesting to say, so be warned, i shall subject you to POINTLESS BANTER, AH HA HA HAR HA HARGH!


Anyway, ill be going to "do some work"..... ie watch 'Family Guy'.

health and happiness


Saturday, April 16, 2005

Bored on a saturday night...

Having spent some night bored, at home with no parents (buggered off to London) somehow, within ponderings, I manged to find the following image...

Love is like a minefield....

Either you make it through the adrenaline-fuelled ride of your life, or take a wrong step to emotion suicide...

Ok, I'm going out now!!


Friday, April 15, 2005

We're On!!!


Tonight marks a "memorable" night, when ECPA officially launches into cyberspace it's influence? (According to the "Big Book on Megalomania")

so...It begins, and I'm sure JOSHH may want to share this blog, as he conceived parts of ECPA...well...the PA part anyway :P

Until I have mor einspiration, Hwyl