Sunday, July 31, 2005


"Marmalade Jam
Cobain din't over
like Morison. the
and a Hendrix of a
course. But streak."

Can you make sense of that?
I bloody well can't.

You want to kno what it is?
So do I.

I found it on the back of, you won't believe this, a Barbie doll prop. A mini jar or marmalade. My little sister asked me to read it and I think its some hidden rock n' roll reference.

Thoughts or even translations, people?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

This we found, and restored!!

This is a rant about sex.
"Oh great" I hear you say; "another teenager whining online about he can't get laid". Well anonymous reader, you are wrong. In fact, you are so wrong you probably believe communism is a workable political theory and that morris dancing is a good old English traidition that doesn't hurt anyone.

Basically, I don't get the obsession with sex. Seriously.
I mean, yeh, sex is nice and all, but so is eating ice cream.
People who've never eaten ice cream don't think/talk about it constantly.
No-one watches videos of other people eating ice cream when they can't have it themselves (although Magnum seem to think differently)
When you get bored of ice cream, you don't tie it up and fashion tiny nipple clamps to put on the chocolate flake.
And there certainly (I only hope here) aren't websites devoted to people writing stories about fictional characters eating ice cream together.
It confuses me, just because something is pleasant doesn't mean you have to be obsessed with it.

In conclusion, I don't know where I'm going with this. But I do know one thing, I'd quite like some ice cream right about now.....

{edit} restored from an old blog site, I can't remember which...but it was prettyb damn hilarious...

Sunday, July 24, 2005

It's gonna go away...

Well our Lexie has left these isles for two weeks (noooooooooooooooooo!) but shell be able to use the blog in a week as the boat she will be on has interweb access so woo hoo.

Anyway, just before she left she spread the word about our blog across many other blogs across the world including some spanish ones.

So youse people, do our missing Lexie a favour and leave a comment on this post.

Go on... do it... your future children depend on it!

Thursday, July 21, 2005


I found upon my desk this morning an envelope with my name hasitly scribed upon it...and the message "Undisclosed Destination" written nearby. It seems as though they're exiling me to some faraway place with no traces of civilisation (not Wales this time). Until I return...fare thee well....

Sunday, July 17, 2005

We all live in America, In America, ist wunderbar

Wow, Rammstein. Very long way away (3 hrs drive, twas at Birmingham NEC arena dontcherknow) but was definatley worth it.

The set was freaking awesome, industrial stylee with moving platforms for the guitarists.
But the best part was obviously the bands professional fireplaying skills, breathing fire, massive jets of flame erupting from the floor of the stage, simulation molotov cockails and mechanical arms from which the audience was deep fried with.
Amongst the keyboardist being boiled alive in a pot, smashing of instruments and showers of sparks its kinda hard to choose the best bit.... but i think it was the bassist crowd-surfing on a life raft for 10 mins causing much 'rejoicing'. heh heh heh. But I know what the worst part was; the food. Overpriced and undercooked sums it up best.

Yet despite major flaws it was AMAZING, Rammstein will be seen again by me for sure.

Now Superwench will tell u of her fantasmic time she spent in Manchester...

Thank you PPP. Yesz i was in Manchester to see Aimee Mann; and in short it was FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC! she did all her old songs, and me and rob managed to get front row positions! bout 8ft from miss mann. The only bad thing was i missed grabbing the drumstick the drummer threw into the crowd at the end, although i came close. Fun though cos i was in the path of the light, and proceeded to make shadow puppets on the drummers bass drum for half the nite, he he! twas great. thats it from me.

Okay children, tell us of any mishaps in ur concert memories then, i dare u.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

We Are Not Afraid

Further to a comment made by Josh, we recommend a site
Which is a great place for anti-terror comments, blogs and pictures. The ECPA shall publish their own pictures soon, with Josh and myself showing we're not afraid....

Thursday, July 07, 2005

ECPA wishes to say....

The ECPA wish to express their respect to those affected by the attacks in London. May their spiritual entity (whomever He/She may be) protect them through this time of unrest and terror.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Holier than thou

Not sure if I should publish this info as it could be seen as sensitive but here goes anyway.

My brother Jake came home last night, pissed as a fart, drunk as a bucket, plastered as a mollusc. He couldn't walk. So me and my poor mum had to guide him into bed and turn him on his side so he didn't choke to death on his own vomit.

I decided to stay awake for a while readin just to check that he was okay when lo and behold he began to throw up, not to worry readers we had prepared there was a handy sick bowl by his bed and i held Jake upright as he spewed his kebab and noodles. Jake, still barley conscious was like this for about 30 mins, mum had come to my aid and I helped by throwing water in his face to waken him up. All the way through this he told us he was fine and denied he hadn't been sick, even with me shouting the bare truth into his eyes.

Anyway, this pattern continued until about 2.30 in the morning where mum suggested i should sleep downstairs and she'd take her place beside jake in my bed.

I spent the night a very painful couch and was woken by family members at 6.50 in the morning.


This is a warning against excessive drinking friends, hence the somewhat disgusting content. If the alcohol doesn’t kill you on the way down it could on the way up.

Im off to my free period now to sleep.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Under the surface trying to break through....

....deciphering the codes in you...

Coldplay. Superb...'nuff said
(Although Bolton's traffic system is bloody appauling)

Friday, July 01, 2005

The Northern Brasenose

I have returned from the wonderful Brasenose College at OXFORD university....with all the various toff's and posh kids who would never survive in various parts of Huddersfield!! Still, it was great, and having met some really cool people we've kept in touch, so all's well that ends well and all that spiffing stuff.

With the exception of various college based annoyances and the thunderstorms...sigh....