Monday, August 29, 2005

Things are better if I stay....

I have finally returned from anarchic and unwashed Leeds Fest. And it's a shame I returned, as the first thing I saw of civilised society was a chav attempting to break into a car.
However, it was so fucking ace I can't properly describe it, as the Foos, Maiden, Dropkick Murphys, The Coral, the Killers and a load of others were just fucking ace.
Especially the mosh pit for the Murphys...I was kicked and elbowed in places I had no idea existed. Also, being a superhero/human shield was pretty damn painful in the pits.

Basially, one of the best weekends of my life...even counting the riots which we were involved in
I'm gonna go for a shower...and stash away the vodka I acquired at the festival

So Long. And Goodnight....

Sunday, August 28, 2005

DIE, by my hand, I creep across the land, killing first-born wasp.

PHEW, after a heated stalking, running, and dueling with a wasp (which I won with a mighty smooth stroke with a rolled up guardian) I'm very tired. I now know it is time for a new post.

Methinks I'll be going to laserquest, ma mere is taking the 'clan' out to shoot each other with lasers. yay.

In other news what do you peoples think about lexies idea of an end-of-holiday-lets-go-eat-something-meal, possibly at frenkie and bannies. I know its the end of the hols tho so many poeple, like me, will be skint. We'll just see what the responses are.

okay well then thats all, im just off to...


Sunday, August 21, 2005

ECPArties; and success....

Well, the party last night was a great success...albeit slightly drunken.
Luckily, the clean-up job wasn't too bad (as there won't any feather duvets this time around). Still, it was good for all involved, and to those who missed it....shame really....

Meanwhile, to keep a long and personal joke running, I have finally left Deighton. (which is a methaphorical term...which only a couple of people would understand!!)

Also, I'm going to Wales...and then Leeds Fest.

Hwyl all. ECPA Dai

Thursday, August 18, 2005

For whom the bells toll

Yes my friends they toll for us.

As you may know today is the day when our dreaded AS-level results are unleashed upon us. OH GOD NO!!!!!!!!!!!

As I was saying, this is a stressful time for all of us, please unleash your stresses and worries and eventually (if you wish) the results themselves (just lie).


(just remember daves advice about drowning your sorrows)


Monday, August 15, 2005

Award for the greatest clever dick.... broadband is fucked.

I managed it by reaching for a file on a high shelf (those who know the layout of my office will know about this).
This file fell onto the printer and lamp.
Which slipped down onto a pile of CD's.
Which knocked over a huge mug of tea on the desk.
Which, by amazing chance was on the side of the desk where there's a gap in the table.
Which dripped down onto the CPU and BRoadband box.

As I said...clever.
"I can picture in my mind a world of without war, A world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world,, because they would never expect it"

But still, unbeaten so far on the quotes department!!

oh, Poor twisted me...

Okay here we go...

The hat is offically lost. Gone. Never to be found.

A few ppl already know. Some do not.

It was lost by Rosie who had borrowed it, she lost it on the way to the trainstation from the bus station. We had a fun day but she LOST THE HAT!

Oh well, I've checked all the local lost property places but in vain. Its gone.

Id like you to remember the good memories we've had with the hat.

It imporved you pimpin image dave.

It dwarfed many people with its size.

It was used as a pencilcase.

Im running out of ideas.

Goodbye hat, we'll miss you...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A second home to chaos....

No, this isn't another new report on my emmigration. It's a blatant advert for my "myspace"
Which sucks a bit...but has random pics on it, in monochrome!!

Check it out:

ECPA Dai...hoping to return some pride before Town's defeat come Tuesday night

[edit] We shanked it in the 89th minute!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Heroes of the day

Well because I feel like it i'm going to issue everyone with instructions....

The site ( I have decied) needs more attention from the masses so...


You will cover yourself in jam and parade around death-ant city handing out flyers about the greatness of the site.


When you return you shall do NOTHING, you've done loads already (but some seduction of random peoples into entering the site as usual)


You (ie me) will climb to the highest building in Huddersfield and stand in your pencilcase costume and yell out all the information needed for the public to visit the site. Also you must read out blog posts and comments to the masses.


I believe this plan will lead to......

to be frankly honest fuckall, i just like coming up with plans...

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Get Out Of This Place While We Still Have Time...

Wellity may all know about my plans to move to Cyprus.

They have hit the fan.

Instead, I'm planning to fuck off to Crete, as we've placed an offer for a house there.

Where my near future lies is unknown...but if i've stuffed up A-Levels and suchlike, I'm gone....

The Soon-To-Be-Departing-ECPA Dai

(If you object/approve leave a comment..whether I'll pay attention is a different matter ;) )