Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Shite Music Revolution (Update)

Ana has provided me with enough (482!!) songs that successfully fill the "I'm pissed-off/on the edge of a killing spree" bracket of music. With enough Korn, Slipknot and The Used to sink a [cliché]. I'm still looking for maybe some sligtly more emo stufff...and Aleh has made some pretty good suggestions. Billy Talent's ok tho...and Maximo Park would be appreciated.

ECPA (the C is for charitable this time) Dai

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Shite Music Revolution

As you may know...I've started a campaign to try and get some decent music on my mp3 player and media players. Readers of the ECPA site...donate (well...let me borrow) some decent music and I shall reurn the favour by listening to it. However, pay attention to the following exceptions:
  • No R+B. It is just fucking awful (imho)
  • Only consider dance if I'm incredibly drunk
  • Anything rock, vaguely rock, emo....or even the mindless genertic stuff (NOT anti-flag) will be grately accepted.

Ana is probably going to be the first contributor...If she remembers. Besty will wither forget, or have a typical change of heart and "forget" music.

And Lex...no Aimee Mann please...she's great and that, but there is a stanley knife on my desk, and I wouldn't want to get the temptation at all.....

Thanking You All....ECPA Dai

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I'm Not Growing Up, I'm Burning Out...

Those who wish to avoid my rant, scroll down and read something better on this post (yes...it improves...I swear).
Okay here goes...lovingly, people from college, home, work and football/rugby have all joined together in an experiment. "Pushing Dai to the absolute limits until he eventually burns out/goes on a murderous rampage". Basically, having been pressed for the third concectutive evening, I give up...they've won. I have finally cracked and melted down. I will be undergoing rehab (well...returning to a few old friends) until things finally calm down. Until then...this place will have a lot less of Dai around. There...rant nearly over...f*cking c-u-next-tuesdays...okay it's over.

Also, I'd like to dedicate this part of the post to an Unsung Hero(ine)...Rach. The legnedary Rach who always somehow invades some part of our college lives with her random humour, bicurious tendancies and criticisms of fashion sense. Namely mine. So, after her orders...she is now posted on this blog site for all or most of us to see)...and for me to plead..."don't kick me again!!"
Rach. Thanks for the email and the asking to be immortalised on this site.

Send your requests to me...or just ask me.

Meanwhile...drug fuelled rehab at various college/otherwise parties until the work builds up so greatly that the council must be sent out to deal with it...suckers...and of course until I next see the legendary Aleh, now a full-time commenter on this blog site!! xxx

ECPA Melted-Down Dai

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Whys it rainin in my room? Cheer up boy, clouds'll move on soon

Although by and large I enjoy being a man, I've always had an awkward relationship with some cliche parts of maleness. The preoccupations with football and pubs etc, but i like to think were more than that.

Apparantly Im wrong, thats all we are. Goons.

Well according to TV anyway. We're not portayed as sex objects or bastards, we're portrayed as bell-ends and its getting embarassing.

Shows like 'Bring your husband to heel' and 'He's having a baby' follows dads undertaking 'hilarious' tasks like taking children swimming accompanied by comedy 'parp-parp' noises whilst Davina Mcall and the audience takes the piss out of them. Because men are hilairiously rubbish! But there cute, aww give em beer and football and their in heaven. Tee hee! Men, loveable ninnies awww.

NO! NO! NO! JESUS CHRIST NO! If men must be reduced to 2D cartoons id rather see us depicted as warmongering rapists-in-waiting than dickless pugfaced clowns.

Pass the noose dave, cos this is where we're headed.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Not only do I not know the answer...

....I don't even know what the question is.

Unis are so confusing, right now i should be searching for a couple more to add to my meagre shortlist of, what?, four? ahhhh dear.

Anyhoos, apparently ppl already have sent in their UCAS forms... ARG! i aint even nearly finnesheded mine yet! Stress stress stress. PANIC!

If u guys all fuck off to faraway unis ud better still visit this glorious blog!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

One week down....

Welll....that was a moderately fast week of college in a chinese water torture sort of fashion. Still, Alyce's production was pretty damn ace...and despite what Lexie thinks, I've been upbea all this week, as is my new attempt to remain upbeat and not take any sh*t from that c-u-next-tuesday in Geography....yeah, we know who he is!!

And I'm learning guitar too!! and not the air kind!! woo!! (Inspired by a dream one dark, cold night...that and Aleh may have had some influence in me to start playing...and stop posing)


[EDIT] Despite what some people may think, I'm NOT a porn star....thankyou....

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Back to that place.....

Well...college is gonna restart on Monday. I guess we all have mixed feelings about it it's gonna be great to see y'all again. Although, that may have been said on the high and extrememly good mood that I'm in today...for reasons that I...and well...quite a few people know about or can just simply guess!

Peace to those who co-operate, ECPA Dai

[EDIT] and I'm also looking for an ace hat...like Josh's...hahaha.....