Sunday, October 30, 2005

An Hour Later.....

The holidays. Major boring shit...blah blah blah....
Even moreso dull that i've been reduced to writing on this blog as a way to stop wrecking mky desk by playing knife games. The clocks went back today, so a useful, or totally unimaginative guide to spending that extra hour if you weren't asleep. For the insomniacs amogn us, the possibilities are endless; in the hour you could:
  • See a Psychiatrist to finally work out why everyone in the lift walks away from you
  • Exercise,'s a possibility
  • Speed-date 10 people
  • Go to mass and learn a different religion (aethists and pagans)
  • Donate Blood, or a lot of it and spend the rest of the day hilariously delirious
  • Adjust all your does take a while, especially if you work in a clockhouse/museum
  • Write something on some blog or other that is read by fewer than 4 different people
  • Write a song for your band...or write a nice charming hate-song

I think I actually did most of those in that extra hour. Try and guess which ones as I stroll into college tomorrow carrying a large cross, NHS biscuit and a permanent stamp that reads "Diagnosis: F**k Knows"


Saturday, October 22, 2005

Dai's Holiday Rant!!!

Okay, it's the half-term holidays...and myself and Josh are separated temporarily from our respective girlfriends, as they're living it up somewere that isn't yorkshire...leaving us here in this rainy county. Basically, my holiday rant is about our youff culture, and how we seem to be reported to the world...even though spending long hours sitting on the town's library steps, doing sweet fa and arguing loudly over totally irrelevant things (like pavement for instance) doesn't seem to change opinion. Ha!

It's hard to look at anything that doesn't bemoan our culture that we live in...the media is slanted towards the ABSO end of the scale, and we are mainly shown as total t**ts for being between the age of 14-19. Seemingly, our youth drink, smoke, take drugs, fornicate, steal cars, wear tops with hoods, steal mobile phones, murder the middle-class in their beds, break the conditions of their ASBOs, wear bracelets around their ankles, look sullen and don't help old ladies across the road. I didn't intend to be so apologies if it seems that way!

However, my rugby club (that has recalled me) has said that "one out of seven people aged between 15-17 have taken an interest in sport and leisure", presumably the other six were too busy playing PlayStation, smoking crack and impregnating each other to take a long term commitment.

So there's my rant....maybe it applies to some folk, but thopefully they aren't stealing my car in the council estate half of Netherton...have a good holiday people, meanwhile, i'll be making sugar-glass and falling drunkenly out of windows. Ahhh......


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Oh Mercy Me, God Bless Catastrophe.........

Apparently this 'blog has becom boring?! Well...'Bicurious' Rach seems to think so/old me bluntly on the here goes an embarrassing story about a wedding....

Here it goes...there was a wedding between one of my mates, whose name shall be remained anonymous. Although, his wife was called "Michelle". The best man gave his speech...

"As he was talking about the groom, an as he was, he was going about talking about the various laddish things that they did through childhood, such as electric fence jumping...which has been an inspiration to the suggestible"
-So no problems there then, the congregation were mildly amused...
"However, he didn't know the bride, so he looked up in a florist book about a particular 'Michelle Rose' and told from his notes about this rose"
-So the old people bought all the slushy crap about 'a delicate flower in bloom' and they bought it..every single word....
"But, the best man did not proof-read his notes, and ended up saying tha "The Michelle Rose is just about perfect, apart from the fact that it isn't too god in a's better up against a wall""
-Cue the look of thunder from the father-of-the-bride and someone collapsing to the floor in hysetrics..bringin the whole buffet table with them...

There goes an embarrasing and TRUE story....
and this is an attempt to make this 'blog more interesing...spread the word!!

"If you touch an electric fence on purpose, does it still count as a shock?"


Sunday, October 16, 2005

You can't sing...but you still put me to sleep....

Ah....the ECPA wish to declare war on the ineptitude of First buses...after delaying me at least twice going to Leeds yesterday to see Aleh... (But they're still better than Arriva tho :P:P)

From yesterday, I learned two pretty important lessons...
1) The Kaiser Chiefs are generally ace
2) Homosexuals are gay....apparently :S

as well as other importnat lessons...that I shall not go into....
The text below is written in white for a reason...mainly to protect those who are not/cannot do something on thursday....

I'm gonna see Bowling For Soup on thursday!! Hotdamn! ! Altho...Aleh's evil parents have stopped her from going...not as tho that'll annoy besty at all

In addition to random things...our 5-a-side team are gonna get hammered/edged by one goal/back to winning ways* (Delete as realistic)

[EDIT] We were hammered... 6-1 :(

and I'm gonna make a book of naïvity and all the naïve and innocent things I know/knew before I was changed by the innuendous influences of THEM. Yes, You know who you are!!

"I swear I'm naïve, I thought Paris Hilton was a hotel in France..."

Sunday, October 09, 2005

100!!!!!!!!! We did it! Yeah! Additional Generic celabratory comment!

DJEAH! You must admit large font needed for the hugness of the situation (really tho? wer here at the computer whilst people are out there LIVING!... mef) but 100 comments! is well worth celebrating wether we could be doing better things or not.

So a big HELL YEAH To the commenters of ECPADAI, the only blog worth shit on the web!


(in no significant order, honest)








Yeah I know most of this crap was said in DeJiLARs 100 comment but i wanted to steal some of the glory! lol