Friday, December 30, 2005

This year...I shall be mostly...


Having returned from Crete and obtained legal residancy statuses, I can honestly say, it's a shame to be back. With the exception of seeing Aleh, Rach, Josh, Lexie, Steve, Lora...and the rest...I should have stayed.

Although, the prospect of going to Oxford is pulling me back to dear old Blighty, the knowledge of chavs and other general scum is pushing me back to the idyllic island of Crete where we're honoured as honourary Greek folks...even though they cannot pronounce my name. Hmmmm

Meanwhile, I'm trying to recover from some nasty poisoning caused by something nasty living in my lemon trees...yes, MY lemon trees!Lovely really, there's a whole list of critters and crawlies that can intoxicate me too easily for my liking. Ah well...whatever doesn't kill you can only make you stronger. Or something...

Hope you alls had a good xmas, and happy fxcking new year

Resident Kontopoula Gangster and Electrician

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Merry christmas everyone, hope Saint Nick got you everything you wished for (and some crap you didn't want to make the good stuff seem better). I'm currently butchering my way with my family the great song '12 days of christmas'. Joy. Dasiy is enjoying herself very much though as she gets to sing almost all of it herself.

Well eternal love to everyone and health and happiness to all youse out there, A BIG CHRISTMAS KISS!

(okay, and some carols if you want).


So, I got some good stuff including some new guitar strings, a dvd of 'Nightmare before christmas' and some very cool Shirts (mostly black). And lots and lots and lots of deoderant and smelly stuff n the like, I get the nagging feeling that people are trying to tell me something....

Monday, December 19, 2005

I've been a wild rover for many's the year.....

Finally, I recover from the damage caused at the Dropkick Murphys/The Pogues gig on saturday night. For those of you oblivious to the latter, The Pogues wrote the xmas song "The Fairytale of New York" and is by far one of the best xmas songs around. (to be it with Mistletoe and fxcking wine)
I went to it with the thought that it's nice calm irish folk music. I was wrong. So Wrong. Unlike many mosh pits where the only threats come from the spikes and studs worn by the goths and the this "mosh pit"...were fat lager louts. Still...t'was ace though, violent but so very lively...

At the moment, my ma is taking the whole house to Crete with her, as I sit here writing this 'blog and emailing Aleh...she's assumed headless chicken mode, which is:
Worrying, Distracting...and Hilarious To Watch....
So my xmas is gonna be spent in Crete, skiing and moving into my new house...
Thoughts of staying there permanently were cut short by a letter from Oxford, which have accepted my offer...I told Rach in town, and I got mobbed....

That's it from me, so have a merry xmas all those readers of the blog, Josh, enjoy your dictionary....

[EDIT] I just managed to get tickets for me and aleh to see Fall Out Boy in january (as her xmas prezzie), so I've gone a little bit emo-rific...minus the tight jeans *shudders*

Speaking of that, it took me a while to explain the emo implications of the line:
"The ribbon on my wrist says do not open before christmas"
Work it out! It ain't that hard!!

ECPA Daiiiiiiii

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Cunning Stunt

Well thats definatley getting on my tits, because of all our potty mouthing (something I know a lot more of thanks to Dave's present of the Roger's swearing dictionary) the ever-wonderful McAfee has decided to try and block me from viewing our lovely comments!

So yeah, I love you McEff for preventing nasty viruses but let me see the blog!


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Midweek blues (okay. its more bruised plum but im calling it blue)

Yeah, just back home from a 'selection process workshop' (they just choose the person who smells the best) at our own shiny Hudds Uni. Twas very interesting, mostly movement based and I found myself wrapped round a multitude of people I only just met. Entertaining.

The sooner this week is over the better, my final xmas performance of 'Sleeping Beauty' my Lit coursework first draft needs to be in on monday and theres rehearsals and xmas parties im desperatley needed at, oo its fun to be busy.

I'd just like to take time to thank our amazing annonymous for their incisive and witty comments, they make my day and hes my bestest fiend. i mean friend.


Saturday, December 10, 2005

The more you see, the less you know....

Bye-Bye Sweet Binty Charity!! Twas Bittersweet really to see it end, and quite sombre this morning while we were destroying the stage that we took so long to build :'( . However, this sombre atmosphere was broken the instance I sliced through my fingers with a stanley knife, so I met Aleh wrapped in the good old LX tape...

Meanwhile, Oxford. Interview. Tomorrow through wednesday. FXCK!!!
On the plus side, Durham's Natural Sciences Dept have given me a conditional offer. AAA all in Geogrpahy, Chemistry and Maths. Maybe Oxford looks promising after all.....
Enjoy your last week of college, with or without me there...
So Long and Goodnight...

Saturday, December 03, 2005

The key to perfect dancing: Sodomy.

I cannot believe I have been to college everyday for the past fortnight...working on the production of Sweet Binty Charity. As the actors, sound, set and lights were cavorting around gayly this day, I was spedning far too much time inhaling the lethally toxic mélange of MDF dust and Asbestos to make the stage look as bitchin' as possible.
Also, I politely ask you to stop bucking your favourite trend by not touching/destroying everything that is...or isn't nailed down, hanging from a bar or is generally in a 10 yard radius of the stage.
*sigh* Thespians darling, thespians
On a better note, Oxford have offered me an interview for next monday! woo and yay!! Let's hope I don't fxck this one up!
And Lexie...Moobies was a term that was coined by me in the Iceland trip last April. i'm afraid I'm the ingnition to the godawful "moobie" trend....and that me and Aleh want Stephen's moobs. Obviously!!

ECPA Dai-k