Thursday, January 26, 2006

The DSA Conspiracy...

So there we have it, I have failed my driving test for the second time. This time was equally as harsh, as it was a major fault for a signalling error, and a dubious one for driving too close to parked cars (despite the fact the road was narrow and that there was a car coming towards me) Here is the part of the converstaion at the debrief:
-"...I almost shuddered, you were that close to knocking off a wing mirror, which are about 100 quid a shot"
-"I know, but also giving harsh fails is 45 quid a shot to the DSA"

Don't say that I'm not bitter at all, but being ill and everything, I could have done better. But, some decent parties coming up to allow for dutch recovery...

On the subject of those fine ideas, here's one that came to me as I was shamefully listening to embrace while ill yesterday:
During the riots that tore France apart in its suburbs, one of the leading law enforcers (or one who hadn't abandoned his post) claimed that in order to quell the riots, he had sent out a thousand officers with firearms certificates. What good would that do? Have you ever been hit by a firearms certificate? It's a about as useful as throwing meringues at a brick wall....

Maybe I'm off form a little bit....hmmm....

Monday, January 23, 2006

Over for now

Just had my psychology exam, I started out well enough but my poor time management skills led to my downfall.

Twent like dis

First part i spent way too long planning, then i realised my plan was awful but contiued anyway. After spening 10 mins too long on it I had to continue with a setback of what felt like an hour until the end.

Second part was worse, I was meant to do 4 strong evaluative issues but i only managed to pull out 3 really weak ones like "it was just bad"

Anyway, my last two words on the exam paper sum it up nicley,

"Oh dear..."

Friday, January 20, 2006

Unis suck + a funny idea.

Yeah Unis suck, spesh LIPA and LANCASHIRE cos they both rejected me and LEXIE! How could they the smoos. I now deem that the following unis suck;

Central Lancashire
Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts
Manchester Met

You personally may have differing visions on these 'fine' universities, but on the Do-They-Accept-Lexie-Or-Josh scale they are very, very bad.

Oh yeah, and a very funny idea occured to me whilst talking to dave about Trojans and stupid Americans. What if the Statue of Liberty was actually a Trojan horse for the French to invade America?!?! But the French were too lazy/smelly to get into it before they sent it over the pond.

Yeah, I know, I'm awesome.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Don't hang around...Don't Call my friends...

...They won't know who you are....

General studies. There's only 3 words i can say about it. 2 of those words are "General Studies".
That kinda sums up how I am at the moment. Male Period some say...altho, it makes my guitar playing better, somehow...

Also, the definition of c*ckteaser: "A girl who wears fuck-me shoes, before changing to fuck-off slippers". Viz is absolutely classic.

That's all, apart from the fact that uni's suck...they rejected Lexie. "Smoo" to them. Bastards.

ECélibataire PA Dai

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'll be a day or two....

Lex complained that there's been little 'blog activity this week. Well, for combinations of reasons, this has been generally an incredibly shit week, Which will be nicely rounded off by general fxcking studies...

Although, this Friday is Beth's party...which involve me in that gangster suit, that ace hat...and the ultimate of rare things...STRAIGHT HAIR. Yeah!! Really. Pics of this momentous occasion of me looking suave and pretty decent for a change will follow. Hopefully.

Did I mention the precedent drinking...I'm sure I did, (a party ain't a party without my drunkeness anymore!)

and I started getting used to it by playin it until my fingers paraphrase Bryan Adams.

Ambition in Motion is in MOTION!!!

ECPA High-Dai (this comin fri!!)

[EDIT] Rhyme not intended...I'm just goin thru a Pink Floyd phase...