Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Where the f*** is Thwar?

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Turn the lights off...carry me home...

I guess it's been a while since I last made a post. Well, Josh and Lexie have returned from Spain to wild scenes of apathy from everyone back home, just in time for torture. I mean college.

I don't really have much to say, seeing as though I'm ashamed of myself (again) after last night. I went to a party of one of my mates who I've known for ages, which ended up turning into a MAJOR piss-up, so bad that i ended up with quadruple vision. What was worse, is that in the early hours of the morning, we (myself and about 8 other people) woke up in a bunker somewhere on Meltham Golf Course. What I think happened was that we went for a walk, someone fell over, and we watched the stars. Or something.

The rest of the details remain purely amognst the people who were also too pissed to remember. Thank God for Dutch Amnesia.....


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Like violence, you had me, forever and after....

Yeah, it's another song quote, as just about every single post that I make has a song quote in it. This time, you've gorra guess it, seeing as though I've already used Going Away To College as my MSN ramblings are over...

Josh and Lexie have now fxcked off to Spain, Laura and Stephen are still in NY and now my tally for getting ejected from Wetherspoons has entered double figures. Yep, Jonny's party on friday was pretty good, Ricahrd (Quarmby) got beaten at an eating contest and I spiked the soy sauce with neat vodka. then we made an attempt in vain to go around town. Returning home in my semi-drunken state, I blamed my parents for not conceiving me earlier, as I'd be 18 and plastered by now. for now, kill brain cells later....

As for valetine's day...ah fxck it, I've ignored it for the past 17 years and I'm not gonna start paying attention to a heavily commercialised meaningless day that is used merely as an excuse for Transnational Corporations to blag their mass-produced (in Taiwanese sweatshops) shite to unknowing people. Sorry if I've destroyed the illusions of anyone who holds Valetine's Day in high esteem, but reality checks are requires once in awhile.

I've realised this is too much of a rant, hmmm...not really intended. Ah well, here's a quote for Thwar and anyone else who's interested in megalomania.

"Power corrupts, absolute power is kind of neat"


[EDIT] I actually got the idea for the anti-Valentine's Day rant when I was dragged around bra-shopping with rach. Yes, dragged!! (Also, abreviate Valentine's day and you get V.D. Suddenly I see a connection!)

Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Guest speaker *nods* I have a guest speaker, who shall leave a post on behalf of this "amazing" blogsite. It is, the one and only BICURIOUS RACH!!! Over to her....

YAY its me :o)
So after begging dai to let me write something I have just realised that I don't actually have anything interesting to say. And now your probably all saying to yourselves that thats nothing new :o( or at least I know dai probably is.
[Dai Edit] Too right I am...
Me and dai have just spent the last hour or so trying to organise our 18th party, even though its not actually till April. We rekon we have about 200 people at the mo but that list should get bigger when we actually remember peoples names. (Its really tough knowing so many people, ya know!!)
Nah im only jokin. Wer inviting loads of people cos wer renting out a night club and need to fill it. So anyone that lives close to us had better go. It should be a laugh :o)
Anyway Im gona stop boring ya'all now, and leave dai to tell u a really terrible joke stolen from Grahame, u see, he can't even make up a bad joke himself. He is a THIEF!!!
...But I love him!! :o)

Back to me then. Yep, If you wanna come, just tell either me or Rach. And we may invite you warmly, or tell you where to stick it...
Also, invited!! hahaha

-"What has 4 legs and flies?"
-"Two pairs of trousers"
Even rach gets this one ;-)

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX much love has she got to give?
Health and Happiness...for most
ECPA Dai And Bi-Ra

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

This Is Our Time; We Can't Rewind....

So...the end of exams. Woo and Yay!!

Now, back to the apathy of college and stuff like that. Plus, I've recovered from the sleepness night of the college party on Monday...and less said about what happened there....

But anyway, here's a great idea for a scam: "Wireless extension leads...for all wireless gizmos and things that require extending. Rigid, and surge-proof"

I'd make millions....

[EDIT] On the sidebar, if you look to your right, is the links to Thwar's blogsite, and also my myspace thing too. Jut watch out for the pics. And the Yellowcard song too :S

[EDIT2] The Yellowcard song has now been replaced by an ace old-skool track by MillenColin. A Rare find I tell thee!!