Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I FINALLY PASSED MY DRIVING TEST. (even though I got the hardest one - 4 minors!!)
That is all.

Monday, March 06, 2006

There's no "fun" in "fundamentalism"

This is a rant about America.
Now before everyone screams at me and waves their fists and star-spangled-banners at me while shouting that by posting this I will become in the top-ten of the FBI's most wanted list, and should be eliminated for the "good" of America. No offence, but I'm mocking their security and beaurecracy.
Here is an incident that happened recently:
A five year old child was due to fly to Florida to meet his grandmother (yep, the eldery all flock to Florida for whatever reason). But, he was stopped at the check-in counter and told he couldn't fly because his name was on the terrorist watchlist.
It took hours to obtain "proof" via a birth certificate that he wasn't plotting to overthrow the US government.
However, the best part is on the entrance visas, where you're subjected to these questions:
  • "Are you now, or were you ever, a member of the Nazi party, particularly between the years 1940-1945, or have you ever committed genocide?"
  • "Have you ever unlawfully distributed or sold a controlled substance, or been a prostititute or procurer for prostitutes"

They even had a question saying: "are you or have you ever been a member of a terrorist organisation? Please tick yes or no"

I just wanna add that you do this form en route, aboard a 747 at approximately 30,000 feet and approximately an hour from landing. Bit of a pointles screening process right? It even had a footnote saying that if you cannopt comply with these conditions, you must turn yourself in at the nearest US embassy. Riight....

ECPA Dai ~ God Bless Catastrophe

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sinister Crimson

Yeah, Bad Religion and Alkaline Trio...etc...
It's been a while since I last made a post on this blog thing, as a mexican wave of apathy spreads around my head.
So...developments: None
Controversial Things: None
Drunken Behaviour: None, Alyce has prohibited me for lent
Boredom: Everywhere!!!

Rant over, once again, I have not slept at all in the name of visiting unis. The trip to reading involved leaving at midnight on saturday, going around the Chemistry dept (held togther lovingly by Jarvis endorsed MDF and Gaffa tape). That was pretty good, plus i got some decent stuff in NEXT, where the hapless guy who served me forgot to price up the jeans I bought, saving me £40. Major Plus

Then I saw the weather...bloody snowstorms in the one area that was unaffected by the snow the previous day, centralised beautifully at my bus stand...and it followed me to London. basically, I had to spend the night roughing it in leeds, as I couldn't get home, with nought but my chav-magnet bag of decent clothes, a half-empty bottle of water, Bill Bryson's A Short History Of Nearly Everything, and a phone that had died an hour previously.

Note to anyone: don't be a hobo, it is pretty bad....
and another note of wordplay, yeah, bitter...whatever

"The best part of 'BELIEVE' is the LIE"
Hmm...that sounds like it would relate too much to the CU debates of late. Ah well...


[EDIT] Ah bollocks, just remembered I have a french mock oral tmr. One blonde comment to me, but Rach still leads 28 - 7
And Grahame said 32 evil things to Rach in one 15 minute spell on friday. He could have said more, as I was laughing my arse off too much to hold a pen properly and make the tally....

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Making Pasta

"What?!" you scream in anguish. "This is an anti-chav/government-that-doesn't-have-Dave-ruling-it site, not bloody cookery!" after being calmed down by me telling you that cookery can boost your pulling factor thricefold you read on interested.

Last night I was at Lexie's, mostly because it was her mum's b'day (happy birthday for yesterday Sue) but also to see the infamous ROSIE or CHOSIE or sometimes shes just ANON. Also Rosie's brothers Matthew and Josh were there. (Yes. Josh. Major identity crises ensued.) Since Sue and the rest of the parents were going out to celebrate, I was left to cook. I had decided to make pasta and Sue had kindly prepared the ingredients.

I began, Matthew was my su-chef (that means helper).

I started by gently frying some onions in some oil and garlic BIG MISTAKE!!! Since this meal was including aubergine the onions should have been added a lot later because you have to do the aubergines first so they are nice and mushy REMEMBER THAT!

I then added aubergenes but by the time they were cooked nicley, the onions were burnt 'doh! but then Matthew added some nice coconut milk which made it better, I then added some chopped peppers which i let to cook in what then looked like sick. After adding some chopped tomatoes the colour looked a bit better but the consistency was still too thin. I brought the whole mixture to the boil and then let it simmer for a while.

When it was nicley cooked i blended the mix, this improved the look and consistency of it greatly. I then added some tuna (I know it sounds weird but it tastes good). i heated it gently.

That was about it! I served it with some pasta and it tasted pretty good, Ok it had some small black bits from the burnt onion but they just looked like interesting herbs and spices!

Then for pudding, as it was Shrove Tuesday (i.e. Pancake day) Matthew made pancakes! It was my turn to be su-chef as I had no idea how to make them. They were very tasty. i ended up having two because Rosie and Lexie were too wimpy to eat all of theirs.

Apart from some TV watching, that was about it for the evening. I learnt a lot about aubergenes and lots of fun was had. Wish I could have more times like that though.

Wow that was a long post.

P.s. thwar is back!