Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Making Pasta

"What?!" you scream in anguish. "This is an anti-chav/government-that-doesn't-have-Dave-ruling-it site, not bloody cookery!" after being calmed down by me telling you that cookery can boost your pulling factor thricefold you read on interested.

Last night I was at Lexie's, mostly because it was her mum's b'day (happy birthday for yesterday Sue) but also to see the infamous ROSIE or CHOSIE or sometimes shes just ANON. Also Rosie's brothers Matthew and Josh were there. (Yes. Josh. Major identity crises ensued.) Since Sue and the rest of the parents were going out to celebrate, I was left to cook. I had decided to make pasta and Sue had kindly prepared the ingredients.

I began, Matthew was my su-chef (that means helper).

I started by gently frying some onions in some oil and garlic BIG MISTAKE!!! Since this meal was including aubergine the onions should have been added a lot later because you have to do the aubergines first so they are nice and mushy REMEMBER THAT!

I then added aubergenes but by the time they were cooked nicley, the onions were burnt 'doh! but then Matthew added some nice coconut milk which made it better, I then added some chopped peppers which i let to cook in what then looked like sick. After adding some chopped tomatoes the colour looked a bit better but the consistency was still too thin. I brought the whole mixture to the boil and then let it simmer for a while.

When it was nicley cooked i blended the mix, this improved the look and consistency of it greatly. I then added some tuna (I know it sounds weird but it tastes good). i heated it gently.

That was about it! I served it with some pasta and it tasted pretty good, Ok it had some small black bits from the burnt onion but they just looked like interesting herbs and spices!

Then for pudding, as it was Shrove Tuesday (i.e. Pancake day) Matthew made pancakes! It was my turn to be su-chef as I had no idea how to make them. They were very tasty. i ended up having two because Rosie and Lexie were too wimpy to eat all of theirs.

Apart from some TV watching, that was about it for the evening. I learnt a lot about aubergenes and lots of fun was had. Wish I could have more times like that though.

Wow that was a long post.

P.s. thwar is back!


Blogger ECPA Dai said...

Bloody hell, we could conquer the world through a front or line of culinary guides...hmm...we could make some money perhappenings?!

3/01/2006 4:46 pm  
Anonymous rach said...

well done Josh. U certainly did better than I could have!
How was the dentist? Did he mind ur pepperami breath?
(For those of u that don't know, Josh came along to the christian union pizza hut thingy n we all had the buffet and josh ate the most out of all of us-17 pizza's-cos he's got lots of stamina, but also cos he's really really fat.)
No offence! :o)
Love ya'll!!

3/01/2006 8:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like pizza.

3/02/2006 4:01 am  
Blogger Superwench/ Captain's Wench said...

17 slices in inhuman. but i commend ye and am in some weird lexie way impressed.
and actually his pasta meal etc was v tasty. me and rosie let him and matthew do the cooking, while we did the more imortant jobs-served drinks and guarded the fire alarm. oh yeah feel the culinary wizz!

3/02/2006 9:35 am  
Blogger J.O.S.H.H. said...

i like pizza too, thats why i ate 17 slices of the damn stuff, i had lots of chewing gum before i went to the dentist and brushed my teeth. my dentist didnt mind at all, or maybe she was just too embaressed to say...


3/02/2006 11:37 am  
Blogger J.O.S.H.H. said...

oh yeah, lets make an ECPA-cookbook, telling you how to a)cook, b)tell some good jokes and c) overthrow the government

3/02/2006 11:38 am  
Blogger Superwench/ Captain's Wench said...

a recipe for world domination......take one part dave, two parts maniical laughter, one small penguin called Edwardo, a loyal network of superheroes behind him and there you have it! Tony Blair and George Bush are getting you coffee and tea and u have homes in both the whitre house and number 10! score for the welsh man and his friends!

This has been brought to you by superwench bored at law revision & co

3/02/2006 12:41 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bite the metal! Oh yee bliss!

Still not better than pizza tho.

3/03/2006 3:37 am  
Blogger Superwench/ Captain's Wench said...

strage anonomous we all know who u r.....we some of us do. wil u ever reveal ur identity?

3/03/2006 10:26 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i would never reveal my identity, just call me....


3/03/2006 11:09 am  
Blogger Thwar said...

this made me laugh, all the great things about being a man.

not sure if u can click the link or if you'll have to copy-paste it but check it out, tis very funny.

3/03/2006 11:59 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No! I do not wish to be named after a member of STEPS! Call me cheese!

3/04/2006 5:44 am  
Blogger Superwench/ Captain's Wench said...

cheese? like thr robot in friends? lol, ok. and i saw that site thwar and indeed twas funny (even though im not a man) . so thwar, u gonna come over to hudd to meet us all for dai and bicurious rach's party in april?

3/04/2006 3:25 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cheese milked from hannibal lecters nipples, clarice loves it so much she wet herself.

what was the cheese made out of?

3/04/2006 9:31 pm  
Blogger J.O.S.H.H. said...

is it me or are anons far to wierd these days, pity ppl are starting to figure it out, but i know the greatest anon of all! lol

hmm, i think im still full from thsoe 17 slice of pizza i ate... ITS BEEN FOUR DAYS!

im about to check out tha link thwar, but u gotta promise to come over to dave/bi-ras party!

3/04/2006 9:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so depressed I can smell my toes!

3/09/2006 3:51 am  

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