Thursday, April 20, 2006

Wales, a place.

A few days ago i went to Dai's homeland and mothership, Wales (or Cymru if your welsh). it was a good holiday, we went to the beach and as usual i built a feck-off huge sancastle that took almost the whole beach up and spoilt everyone elses fun, HA! We also went to see a cool water fall and we also went swimming. Very cool.

5 interesting things about wales that i discovered.

1 - 'Five' in welsh, translates as 'Pimp'. Why has no-one made any good jokes about that yet?

2 - If you feel you have suddenly forgotten to read, DON'T PANIC, a lot of signs are written in welsh first, then english

3 - The welsh language is unpronouncable - not helped by the fact that they have less letters in their alphabet than we do, and one of their letters is a double D

4 - The gate to the underworld is (fittingly) located in Wales, in the form of a dirty great waterfall, it was quite cool.

5 - If five (or pimp) minutes have passed without seeing a sheep, you are no longer in Wales.

Well thats what I learnt, anything to add Dave?

[Dai Edit]
Indeed I do, I don't normally (or ever) tamper with the posts...but it seems more fitting to post here than on the comments.
I have to add the following few things:

6 - Apparently a sheep tied to a lamppost is called a "leasure centre". A couple of my mates asked me if I wanted to go to the leasure centre (the proper one..not the sickening alternative) which prompted me to run to hills yelling "Unclean!! Unclean!!"

7 - In the valleys where I came from, the industrial crash has hit it hard, and the only real inhabitants left are the elderly, the young, and the chavs. Fucking hell, there's a load of chavs. I don't know which was funnier...their ignorance of the world around them, or their chavspeak in a welsh accent (ya got beef boyo? etc). Fittingly, the only surviving industry is the Burberry Factory. oo err....

8 - Putting things in microwaves in the middle of the Brecon Beacons to see what happens (eggs, wool, James Blunt albums...) is dangerous, irresponsable and fucking hilarious....

That's my input. ECPA Dai

(and this post was originally made by JOSHH...if the little "posted by" thing below says so differently...LIAR!!)

Friday, April 07, 2006

london underground

Aint been a post for a while, well...

Uhm, my cousins came round i they showed me something that would really make dave laugh

most likley you've seen/heard it before, but i heard it first today, and i almost wet myself with laughter.

Well, go check it out., but most definatley the LONDON UNDERGROUND song is the best by far


Love you all