Thursday, June 29, 2006

9.00?!? Its usually noon by now?!?!?

I thought the people that actually travel to nice countries get their cycadian rhythms mixed up but no, getting up early to see them off at the airport also has dreadful effects on your sanity.
So, Lexie has gone (well, nearly) to Australia and I'm sat here moping around in the college computer room waiting for my tutor can appear so I can sign the bloody dotted line and be free of here.


And I have stolen most of Lexie's Family Guy collection and I now know I'm going to spend my 6 weeks without her with the Griffins.

Exam highjinx....

not always a good thing.
Some of you may have heard but on "Monday at about 3.30" as Rostron put it, I put a hole in a College wall. Yes, it was an accident. The exam I had actually went quite well and it was mereley high spirited energy that led me to run up a wall.... assuming it was solid.... Sadly for me and the poor souls who had to repare my damage, the wall was kinda hollow and made of plaster. My foot went through it.

After a nice chat with Rostron (I have the vauge feeling he was threating me that if I was not complient he would tell my university i was a 'bad guy' or something, probably just my paranoid brain) I am going to be writing a letter of apology to two people who my irrational behaviour has caused extra work for them and I shall also be paying a percentage of the bill for fixing it. (I've actually been kinda worried about that one....)
Anyway if either Mr Gordziejko or Mr Newton are reading this, I'd like to say sorry about the wall!

Well, a 'party in the park' for our wonderful group tommorow which I look forward to greatly, hope to see you all there.



Anonymous CARLos said...

Wow, i've not written anything on here for ages!!

JOSH?! HOW COULD YOU DESTROY THE WALL - It's been such a nice wall to us for the past 2 yrs and now you go and beat it up!!

When me and Laura went in to college to 'clear' we did wonder why there was a big hole!

Hopefully i'll see y'all tomorrow @ the park!

6/29/2006 8:54 pm  
Blogger Superwench/ Captain's Wench said...

hey guys!!!! whos a dedicated little blogger? lol. currently in Sydney youth hostel after grand total of 20 hours on 2 seperate planers. argh my rhythm is shot to peices cos the turbulant was sooo shite! lol. hope you all had a good day at the park today wish i cud hav bin there! lol. i love you and family guy josh, and incidently they were showing the To Love And Die In Dixie episode on the plane, so that was cool. heres to hi-jinks! luv lex xxxx

6/30/2006 12:51 pm  
Blogger J.O.S.H.H. said...

the wall has now been filled with a kind of what looks like a cross breed of custard and blutac with some pollyfilla thrown in, hopfully this mean it wont have been too expensive!

6/30/2006 12:53 pm  
Blogger Superwench/ Captain's Wench said...

LOL lets throw a trifle at it and see if it sticks or puts another hole in :)

7/01/2006 10:27 am  
Blogger J.O.S.H.H. said...

a trifle probably would do the job, probably actually knock down thw whole building

7/01/2006 10:41 am  
Blogger Superwench/ Captain's Wench said...

he he he . if not that then a hose pipe of custard and assorted goo! love to u guys! wal;ked the harbour bridge t'other day and went to the Opera House-it looks v shiny in person.

7/02/2006 11:38 am  
Blogger J.O.S.H.H. said...


7/04/2006 1:26 pm  

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