Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Moving On...

Well, I've spent a crazy couple of weeks at James' house, beer fights, dead Kangaroos, driving round town wearing masks made of McDonalds paper bags and lots of beer drinking and playing guitars! It has been fun.

Tommorow, James is driving me and his dad up to Perth as he got his licence today WOO HOO well done James etc! We are going to have a good look around Perth, go to the parks and shops and stuff.

Then I'm catching a flight at 17.20 from Perth, it makes a stop at Brisbane before checking in at Cairns, a 14 hour journey in total.

I've booked my hostel in Cairns, im staying for two nights in a hostel thats fairly cheap, its costing me under $30.00 and it has good facilities and stuff.

Anyway, its sad to be moving on cos im leaving my best friend, James, but I guess I'm seeing him again in England so it's ok.

Signing off now, Im tired, even though is 21.15 here!



Blogger Superwench/ Captain's Wench said...

why is it that as soon as we have left coll no one comes on the blog anymore, sniff sniff. i do not like this abandonment.
yes josh has keft perth and is in cairns, but is coming to adelaide on thurs, so we get one afternoon together beforfe im coming home guys! yes i fly on fri and land on saturday - gotta love a collective flying time of 20hours :).....

8/08/2006 1:54 am  

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